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Too many women are concerned about their future and face obstacles:

  • Pay inequality

  • Insufficient resources to fund their businesses

  • Challenges for the economic future of their children

We must:

  • Invest more in women-owned small businesses

  • Expand access to education and training

  • Strengthen pay and benefits

  • Paid maternity and sick leave

  • Fair wage for those who take care of elderly family members

  • Expand child care access​

I will work to bring:

  • More resources to women-owned businesses 

  • Close the income gap

  • Ensure that women have increased access to expanded educational

  • Training opportunities

Dobbs stripped a fundamental human from a large majority of women.  The Federal Government should not have the right to keep you from bearing arms and it should not have the right to remove fundamental choices from women. Equal pay for equal work is a woman’s right. Women’s rights are human rights.


The Build Back Better (BBB) Act started providing essential relief for American seniors:

  • Lowering drug prices

  • Extending affordable coverage to millions of Americans by closing Medicaid’s coverage gap

  • Expanded Medicare benefits to include hearing care

  • Invested $150 billion in at home care for seniors and people with disabilities

Build Back Better was opposed by every single House Republican. I will champion and protect our Seniors.

Americans have benefited directly by regulating Big Pharma.  We passed and must protect these essential benefits:

  • Insulin co-pays capped at $35 per month

  • Remedy the situation faced by seniors when 2021 an estimated 1.3 million diabetic adults rationed insulin doses to save money

  • Limit Medicare Part D out-of-pocket drug costs to $2,000 annually

  • The new Medicare hearing benefit could help 62 million program participants

Medicaid is the largest provider of home and community-based care to seniors and people with disabilities.  BBB now provides:

  • Care to 2.5 million people 

  • Will help reduce the wait for care for more than 800,000 individuals  

  • BBB’s Home & Community Based Services provisions will save families paying out-of-pocket an estimated $5,800 annually

I will fight to protect those who dedicated their lives to the American Dream.  Tim to give back what was rightfully earned.


There is an urgent need to close the affordable housing gap especially as rents rise and mortgages increase. We can leverage federal funding to:

  • provide cities and states with the necessary resources to undertake affordable housing projects 

  • Underwrite more manufactured housing 

  • Incentivize developers to build affordable housing

  • Educate the uninformed of their rights and options

Working with city leaders, state officials and the private sector, I commit to finding solutions to mitigate this impending financial catastrophe.


The great American middle class was built by strong union participation. Workers had the protection to organize to fight for better wages and better working conditions, things we take for granted today. It was because of unionizing that workers were able to take care of their families, had protections from unreasonable dismissals and had job security. Today, we have seen laws at the state and local levels decimate rights workers had enjoyed for nearly a century.  Republican governors and state legislatures across the country have advanced anti-worker legislation to undercut the labor movement and collective bargaining. States have decimated the rights of public sector workers who, unlike private sector workers, do not have federal protections ensuring their freedom to organize and collectively bargain. If we are to rebuild the middle class, we have to protect workers’ rights. We must ensure that they have the right to organize. We must not go back to the days when workers could be dismissed at the slightest whim. As your representative, I will work across the board and across the aisle to help restore and strengthen workers’ rights.


The safeguarding of America’s democracy ensures that our civil liberties will be protected. Our democracy must work for all of the people that support the USA including:

  • Born Citizens

  • Naturalized Citizens 

  • Puerto Ricans 

  • Migrant Workers

  • Disabled

  • Minorities

“E Pluribus Unum”​


Residents of US House District 7 are blessed with the many environmental wonders that surround us from our east to west and from north to south such as the Canaveral National Seashore; Lakes Monroe, Jesup, and Harney; and the Little Big Econ State Forest. Several of these ecological treasures have been put under increasing strain from pollution and climate catastrophes. For economic and moral reasons, I will work tirelessly to provide federal aid to protect these critical parts of our local landscape and to promote development that is smart and sustainable.

I will always work to ensure that our federal emergency management capabilities are prepared to respond to whatever adverse weather here in District 7.  We increasingly see negative signs of climate change all around us. However, we must do more than simply respond to the effects of climate change and support policies that will move us to a greener future where we increasingly rely on renewable energy sources and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. My instincts are different from my Republican challenger who wants to “drill, baby drill.” My approach will pay dividends for our national security in light of the fact the U.S. intelligence community predicts increased conflicts and war due to climate change.  Climate Change and International Responses Increasing Challenges to US National Security Through 2040.


Our country has a sacred responsibility to care for our veterans. Each veteran deserves our respect and enduring gratitude. We have a responsibility to create jobs for our veterans when they return home. We must invest in creating such jobs. We should also create the means to support veteran-owned small businesses and give them the means to continue to support their families. We need to create a system to provide veterans with world-class healthcare after they have hung up their uniform for good. To provide the kind of healthcare our veterans deserve, we must start by modernizing the facilities where they receive healthcare. After sacrificing to preserve our democracy and freedoms, our veterans should not have to get their healthcare at facilities that are not on par with those provided to others in the society.

Affordable Housing
Worker's Rights
Women’s Rights are Human Rights
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