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The current situation where at least three Republican governors have taken it onto themselves to bus or fly migrants seeking asylum from Texas to other parts at the country is shameful and degrading to these migrants who are being treated as “human cargo” for politics by these governors.

In fact, in the case of Florida, the flying of migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard is so beyond the pale for several reasons.

Firstly, the migrants were not in Florida but instead were in Texas so for the governor to fly them from that state to Martha’s Vineyard is callous and inhumane. It has also come out that several of the migrants who were removed from Texas by governor DeSantis have immigration court dates later this month regarding their application for asylum.

To interfere in this orderly process as Governor DeSantis has done gives the lie to his assertion about stemming illegal immigration. Those migrants were slated to go through a legal process to determine whether they would be granted asylum, instead by his action they are likely to miss their court dates and will be condemned to illegal status.

Secondly, how callous and unchristian one has to be to not take into consideration the plight of those who are fleeing oppressive regimes to seek a better life?

The fact is that several of the migrants whom governor DeSantis saw fit to fly to Martha’s Vineyard are reportedly from Venezuela whose government he and others have condemned as undemocratic.

Why interfere in the asylum process as governor DeSantis has done? This has been done merely to score political points and does not take into consideration the situation that these migrants find themselves in.

As an immigrant from Jamaica who has been through the process I find such behavior by governor DeSantis abhorrent.

It is for this and other reasons why I am running to become a Congressional Representative so I can go to Washington to fix a broken immigration system and bring order to a process that has been a foundation pillar of the American society.

Migration has been an aged old situation as people travel from one country to another. Sometimes to seek a better way of life. Other times to contribute their skills and talent to the development of the country.

The United States is the country it is today because of the skills and talents brought to its shores by immigrants over the years.  

It is agreed that the country’s immigration system is broken and needs fixing but the actions by these Republican governors are not solutions but a worsening of the situation.

They need to stop playing politics with the lives of unfortunate people and show compassion, treating all people with dignity and in a Christian and charitable manner.  

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